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Fitness Support

Health and Fitness Support Group

Why do I need a health and fitness support group?

One of the main reasons why people give up on their health and fitness journey is because they don’t feel supported at home or even at work.

Do NOT try to do this alone, Get the fitness support you need!

Our fitness support group is made up of like-minded women who are just like you, working on becoming healthier and feeling better. In our group, we focus on small incremental goals and how we want to feel better and more confident in our own skin. We share meal prepping tips, recipes, and other tips to stay on track. We post daily in our group to ensure we stay accountable to ourselves and the others in the group who are working towards the same goals. You can even choose an accountability partner to stick together and message each other daily through your challenges and celebrate your success.

Once I started working online with other people and finding a daily success partner, everything changed. I didn’t want to let my fit family down and I certainly didn’t want to let myself down again.

This is what you will get in our health and fitness support group:

  • Support
  • Accountability
  • Meal prepping tips
  • Recipes
  • New Ideas on clean eating
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Sense of community
  • Recognition
  • Ways to work through your challenges
  • Finally we also celebrate your success

It is a safe place to talk about your feelings around your health, we got your back!

This journey is a challenge and we do not want you to do this alone. I know what it’s like trying to work on your health and fitness to only get derailed by a weekend of eating bad and feeling like you are starting over every Monday. We work on tips to stay healthy and active through the weekend without depriving yourself.

Many of my current clients share often that they love the community feel of the group. They love that they can in that group any time of day or night and feel inspired by a post. Also they love watching everyone’s journey as they embark on their own. They love the tips/advice/daily posts of motivation and more. WE want you to succeed so bad that we focus on our goals being each other’s goals. Even though everyone’s goals are different, we feel connected to our goals together and feel the true passion to root each other on to be sure EVERYONE finds their success, whatever that looks like for you.


How do I join your health and fitness support group?

YOUR BEST DEAL Is going to be to purchase our PREMIUM package that includes EVERYTHING you need to commit to your health/fitness/nutrition

Here is what is included

*ONLINE access to 40 FITNESS programs plus 3 new released ones in 2017 for an ENTIRE YEAR (The fitness programs are all ones you have SEEN and heard of before. 21 day fix, 21 day fix extreme, all P90x’s, all Insanity’s, Piyo, and more…….FUN and SOMETHING for the WHOLE FAMILY!!!!)

*30 days of our AMAZING Superfood shake. It has prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and over 70 ingredients. It helps with increased energy, reduced junk food cravings. You will replace 1 meal/day and feel full and satisfied.  (then 10% discount each month after)

*7 piece portion control container system with nutrition guide that tells you what to eat , when to eat, how much to eat based on your goals and needs customized for you.

*ACCESS to our AMAZING health and fitness support group with recipes/meal planning tips and motivation like you have never received

*Me as your personal coach to ask all your questions to and come to me for accountability


I personally help all my group members throughout their journey. So right from the start I want to help you get started right and make sure you understand everything that I have to offer before you join. To do that we need to have a chat about your goals and expectations.

Email me using the form below or use the Message Us button to start a live Facebook chat with me.

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