Jessica C

This journey hasn’t always been easy – but it’s been worth it. In the beginning (which was about a year and a half ago) I struggled so bad with eating healthy, and working out – I legit made every excuse possible to not work out. I work full time, I’m tired, my daughter has dance, my cramps are too bad, I have laundry to do, I have to cook dinner – LEGIT anything! I never stuck with it! I always made myself feel like I didn’t have to work out, or I would do one workout and be sore and wouldn’t work out for weeks after that. Now the eating part – was even harder for me. I had myself convinced that I hated vegetables, fruit, anything wheat – but to my surprise I actually enjoy eating those foods now. I have tried wheat bread, wheat pasta, brown rice – all of which I was convinced I hated. I no longer need a huge carb at dinner time, I enjoy just eating the protein and veggies. I stepped out of my comfort zone, and tried DIFFERENT foods, foods I was CONVINCED I hated!!!! It’s amazing the things you find out about your body when you step out of your comfort zone, I am still working on trying new things….and next step is to add some more veggies into my diet, as I seem to stick with the same carrots and broccoli. Once I changed my mindset on what “healthy foods” taste like, it became a lot easier to just start trying different foods. It was all in my head, I do actually like “healthy foods”. The workouts – they took a little bit, but I can honestly say this is my third week in a row that I have worked out 5 times a week! I look forward to them now, I know they are only 30 minutes, which I absolutely love, and that 30mins is for ME! It’s MY time to work on MY BODY. I want to be healthy, and fit – and lead by example for my daughter.

My small accomplishments I am proud of:
-went out to dinner last week ordered turkey tips and broccoli, went out to dinner last night got a grilled chicken sandwich plain, just ate the chicken and got sweet potato fries with them (usually I would order fried food)
-skipped dessert at dinner last night
-lost 9.2 pounds
-more energy
-a drive to eat healthy & workout
-my flexibility, from working out I have noticed I am more flexible than I was before
-I am honestly HAPPIER