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My name is Nicole L Jones and I am an online health and fitness coach. I am certified in group fitness instructor classes like P90X, Insanity, Piyo. I am a 6 figure earner as a mom of 2 all done online from home.  I enjoy helping women fit health and fitness into their lives.

Being a wife and mom are my favorite titles I hold. My passion is to help others work on becoming the best version of themselves.  My journey began on 8/2/2010 with using home fitness programs, where I lost 29 lbs and over 28 inches in 18 months.  I was sick and tired of having no energy, being overweight, and constantly setting goals and not achieving them. After trying all sorts of diets out there since age 20 and having nothing stick, there became a desire to become successful in all areas of life. It was time to find the right workout, the right nutrition plan, and to get my head in a positive place to find success.

Since then, I have helped hundreds of women find success in all areas of their lives. The goal is to work with women who are ready for change. Ready to work on their health, fitness, and mindset to become the best version of themselves. I love working with those ready to make all the necessary improvements to take care of themselves first so they can in turn help their family succeed in all aspects of life.

Would love the opportunity to work with you.


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